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Second Opinions


Why Consider a Second Opinion?

  • You were advised to have surgery but still have questions:

    • ​​Seeking the advice of an experienced orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Steven Lee is crucial in the surgical decision making process.  Dr. Steven Lee will weigh the pros and cons of surgery with you while taking into account many factors:​​​

      • Severity of your injury​

      • Length of time with symptoms

      • Have you exhausted all non-surgical treatment options?

      • Your activity level (which is often unfairly grouped with age

      • Your past medical history

      • Surgical outcome expectations, limitations, and your goals for treatment

  • You still have symptoms:

    • You may feel like you have plateaued and need a fresh opinion on your condition.  Dr. Steven Lee can offer his expert medical opinion on your specific condition by:

      • Evaluating what treatments you have already tried​

      • Offering suggestions on treatment going forward

      • Discuss alternative treatment options 

  • You were told you couldn't go back to your sport or activity

    • Dr. Steven Lee has been fellowship trained in Sports Medicine as well as in Hand/Upper Extremity.  This unique training has given him a fresh perspective to often allow his patients to return to sports earlier than what other physicians have recommended.

    • Dr. Lee has treated countless professional, collegiate, and scholarship athletes who were previously told they either couldn't return to their sport, or were significantly delayed in returning to their sport, causing immeasurable mental, physical, and monetary damage.

  • You want the best possible care:

Why choose Dr. Steven Lee for your second opinion?​

  • Dr. Steven Lee believes that surgery should be a last resort for most diagnoses and reserved for:

    • Patients that have a significant or emergent ​orthopedic issue.

    • Patients that have failed non-operative treatment options

    • The vast majority of our patients are treated without surgery.

  • Dr. Steven Lee's experience:

    • Years of experience:  20+ years​

    • Number of Surgical cases performed:  10,000+ cases to date

    • Award Winning Care:  NY Magazine's Best Doctors, Castle Connolly's Top Doctors in Orthopedic Surgery, America's Top Orthopedists, US News and World Report Top Doctors, New York Super Doctor's Hall of Fame, 8 time Teacher and Mentorship of the Year Award.

  • Innovate and Cutting edge Options:​

    • Not all surgeons, even in Manhattan, have the same level of training, expertise, and confidence.  Dr. Steven Lee is a leader in the orthopedic community who is constantly improving orthopedic medicine through research and the development of new innovative surgical techniques.  In addition, Dr. Steven Lee teaches his techniques to surgeons nationwide.  Read more here.​

*All of the above is subject to change with each individual patient's needs, concerns, symptoms, and rate of healing. 

*Dr Steven Lee is a NYC based orthopedic surgeon, hand specialist, and sports medicine doctor.  Dr. Steven Lee is a double fellowship trained and board certified orthopedic doctor in NYC. 

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