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Internal Brace

What Is Internal Brace Technology?

Internal Brace is a superior surgical technique developed by Dr. Steven Lee for hand and upper extremity applications to strengthen surgical repairs.  This advancement affords patients a more secure repair and faster recovery.  Internal Bracing involves an anchor and suture system that quite literally acts as an internal brace or support across a joint. This provides superior support, repair strength, and swifter recovery to the patient. 

Why Is Internal Brace Superior?

Internal Brace improves the strength and durability of your surgical repair.  Therefore, patients are often permitted to start moving faster after surgery and speed their overall recovery. Therapy is often permitted at an earlier than average time, and patients appreciate the increased freedom.  Also, the added strength reduces the risk of reinjuring the joint significantly.


What Surgeries Are Strengthened by Internal Bracing?

Internal Bracing has the potential to be used in a multitude of ligament repairs and reconstructions. Below are the most common uses of the Internal Brace:


How much Experience does Dr. Steven Lee have with Internal Bracing?

Dr. Steven Lee arguably has more Internal Brace experience than any other surgeon nationwide, and he has also developed the technology.  He continues to instruct these techniques to surgeons throughout the country, and these surgical advancements are changing how many orthopedic procedures are performed on a regular basis. 

Contact Us

Internal Bracing can be a great options for many diagnoses in Orthopedics. Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment to discuss if it is  an option for you. 


Learn More About Internal Brace Technology

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*All of the above is subject to change with each individual patient's needs, concerns, symptoms, and rate of healing. 

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