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Surgical Info

The majority of Dr. Steven Lee's patients are treated successfully without surgery.  Our goal is for you to feel better as quickly as possible by the least invasive means necessary.  If you and Dr. Steven Lee decide surgery is the next best step for you, please learn more about the surgical process below. 

If you and Dr. Steven Lee decide to proceed with surgery, our goal is to ensure all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Click below to learn more about the Surgical Scheduling process. 

If you are interested in having surgery and or have already had surgery with Dr. Steven Lee, you may have questions about what to expect during your recovery.


Click below to find out more.

Please always feel free to contact us directly with questions or concerns. Your care and comfort are our top priority.


If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911.

Surgical Coordinator:

Medical Questions:

Dr. Steven Lee is a NYC orthopedic surgeon, hand surgeon, and sports medicine specialist.  He has offices in Manhattan, Scarsdale, and Long Island.  

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