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Post Operative Instructions

What to Expect After Surgery

The goal after surgery is to keep your pain well controlled and keep your surgical site protected.  


Dr. Steven Lee typically calls in the evening after your surgery to review the procedure and answer any questions. If you miss his call, call the office at 212-737-3301. If it is after office hours, call the same line and page Dr. Lee.  

General Post Operative Instructions


If advised by Dr. Lee for your specific procedure, elevation is an efficient way to decrease swelling and pain. 



People vary in how much and often they need to take pain medication. Some never end up needing to take medication, while others end up needing to take the full amount prescribed to them. The first few days after surgery is usually when pain is the worst. It is very important that you only take the pain medication prescribed to you as directed .



You may have received a nerve block with your surgery. If so, your extremity may stay numb for up to 24 hours. Increased sensation (usually accompanied by pins/needles sensation) and movement of your affected extremity are signs that the block is wearing off. You may also experience pain and discomfort of the extremity as the nerve block wears off.



Avoid large crowds and use extra precautions to avoid falls. Follow your specific post-op instructions carefully regarding braces, splints, bandages, immobilization, wound care, and weight bearing status.




  • Severe pain, especially that which is not reduced with pain medication

  • Fever (>101.3°F) or chills

  • Oozing or redness of the wound

  • Pain, swelling, redness, or hardness of the calf (behind the leg between the knee and ankle)



  •   Difficulty breathing or heaviness/pain in the chest 

Procedure-Specific Instructions

Follow-Up Appointment


Typically, your first post-operative appointment should be scheduled for 7-10 days after your surgery. This may vary, so please check your specific paperwork for details.  

Contact Us

Patient Portal

A great option for contacting our team is through the Patient Portal.  Click the link below to register or to message us 24/7. 

Patient Portal

Contact Us

Please always feel free to contact us directly with questions or concerns.  The above information is only a guideline. Please refer to your specific instructions provided by Dr. Lee's team. If this is a medical emergency, please dial 911.

Medical Questions:

212-737-3301 or 

Patient Portal 24/7 Secure Messaging


Surgical Coordinator:

Damaris McIntyre 

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